A Closer Look At Emerging Market Dynamics In 2018

Globe Masthead ImageNot All Emergencies are Crises

United States trade policy has definitely impacted global equity markets in 2018, and emerging markets seem to be high on the trade war casualty list. But media headlines and broad-stroke trend lines don’t capture the nuances inherent in the developing world. While there are certainly economies and markets in crisis as a strong U.S. dollar tests other countries’ ability to weather the current storm, a closer and calmer look reveals signs of strength and opportunity for savvy investors.

The seasoned professionals at Chautauqua Capital Management analyze the dynamics moving emerging markets in general as well as nation-specific factors and trends influencing their approach in the current environment, including:

  • Why some emerging-market countries are faring better than others right now
  • How the age and economic demographics of populations in certain markets set the stage for sustainable growth
  • Potential near-term catalysts that could reverse the headwinds facing some emerging economies (and change things for the United States as well)

Listen to the full presentation to gain a deeper perspective on emerging markets and the strategies behind the Chautauqua International Growth Fund and Chautauqua Global Growth Fund 

Our Strategy

  • Our conviction-weighting process, which considers our estimates for growth, profitability and valuation, is a key tenet of our portfolio management strategy and has been instrumental to our returns over the long run.
  • In this environment, we continue to favor a selected set of advantaged businesses that benefit from long-term trends and offer such a compelling value proposition to their customers that they can grow through the uncertainty.  


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