Small/Mid Cap Growth Strategy


The Baird Small/Mid Cap Growth Strategy is a high conviction portfolio of 60-70 stocks, with a strong emphasis on fundamental, bottom-up research to discover unique, secular growth stories that we believe can drive above average sales and earnings growth. The team strongly believes in having a true “smid” portfolio invested in companies primarily between $500 million and $12 billion in market cap. The primary investment goal is to provide superior-to-market returns over a 3-5 year time horizon versus the Russell 2500 Growth Index. The team does this by finding companies for inclusion in the portfolio that have stronger growth, more favorable industry dynamics and competitive positioning, and the opportunity to expand profit margins.

Portfolio Construction

  • A concentrated portfolio of generally 60-70 stocks
  • Market cap range typically between $500 million to $12 billion
  • The average position is 1%-3%, not to exceed 5%
  • Sector weights 75%-125% relative to the benchmark

For more information, contact Todd Haschker or the Intermediary Specialist in your region.


Quarterly commentary is currently not available for this Strategy.  Please call Todd Haschker at 414-298-7362 for more information on the portfolio.


Annualized Returns (%)*

 3 MonthsYTD1-Year3-Year5-Year10-YearSince InceptionInception Date
Baird Small/Mid Cap Growth Equity (gross) 33.71 9.21 19.09 19.49 17.84 09/30/15
Baird Small/Mid Cap Growth Equity (net) 33.45 8.75 18.07 18.50 16.88 09/30/15
Russell 2500 Growth Index 32.87 2.02 9.21 12.10 12.85

*Returns less than one year are not annualized.

Annual Total Returns (%)

Baird Small/Mid Cap Growth Equity (gross) 38.16 1.07 29.62 6.47
Baird Small/Mid Cap Growth Equity (net) 37.04 0.21 28.70 5.59
Russell 2500 Growth Index 32.65 -7.47 24.46 9.73

Data as of 6/30/20

Past performance does not guarantee future results.