About Baird Advisors

Baird Advisors

Baird Advisors’ combination of deep industry expertise, investment experience and commitment to exemplary service uniquely positions us to help clients meet their investment objectives. The strength of our team lies in a combination of distinguishing attributes:

  • A long-tenured team of experienced investment professionals
  • A risk-controlled discipline that has delivered more than 30 years of consistent, competitive performance
  • An emphasis on bottom-up analysis versus a top-down approach
  • Portfolios comprised of cash bonds, all U.S. dollar-denominated with no derivatives or leverage
  • An attractive expense ratio designed to enhance future returns (30 bps Institutional Class)
  • An employee-owned, financially strong parent company

A Disciplined Investment Style

We begin with strong fundamental research and combine the science of understanding, measuring and controlling portfolio risks with the art of adding incremental, relative value to portfolio returns.

Client Service Approach

Being employee-owned and invested in our strategies alongside our clients, we know our success is aligned with and dependent on yours.