Time-Tested Investment Philosophy

To capture the full benefit of stock selection skill, we believe portfolios should be invested for the long-term, on a conviction-weighted basis, in a concentrated set of best idea investments.

We seek advantaged, wealth-creating businesses that benefit from long-term trends, possess the sustainable competitive advantages to exploit those trends and can be purchased at reasonable valuations.

Key Pillars of Our Investment Process


  • Diverse perspectives foster understanding advantage
  • Reduces risk by minimizing blind spots

Security Selection Drives Returns

  • Long-term trend beneficiaries with sustainable competitive advantages
  • Disciplined on valuation

Long-Term Focus

  • Low-turnover approach with an average holding period of five years
  • Inherently tax efficient

Concentrated, Conviction-Weighted Portfolios

  • Typically, 30 (International), 40 (Global) holdings
  • Thoughtful diversification at the security and sector level

Our Team

Chautauqua Capital Management is proud of our collegial, collaborative ownership culture staffed with experts who are well-educated and trained in this approach. They bring humility and determination to the task of investing. This enables us to deploy our investment process that is comprehensive, focused, nimble and client centric.