Baird Equity Asset Management Investment Teams

Baird Equity Asset Management comprises focused teams of investment managers and analysts who have worked together for decades, honing their strategies across different market environments while developing unique, long-term perspectives within their investment styles. And all of our vital client relationships are supported by dedicated, knowledgeable service professionals.


Our growth team has established a strong track record leveraging specialized market knowledge, a consistent management approach and an average of 20 years' investment experience. Chuck Severson, Senior Portfolio Manager on the Mid Cap Growth Strategy, was a founding member of the strategy more than 20 years ago. The team has spent significant time together at Baird and in the sectors they cover, with many of them having covered their sector for their entire career.

The team focuses on high-quality, traditional growth companies and has a strong emphasis on risk control and a long-term perspective. The primary investment goal is to provide consistent, superior-to-market returns at a risk posture less than that of the market. The team looks for companies that have better growth prospects and capital structures than peers. The hallmark of the disciplined approach is to maintain a long-term perspective while investing in established companies with proven management.

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Our value strategies are managed by a team with an average of 22 years of investment experience, much of that working together. Michelle Stevens has managed the value strategies since their inception more than ten years ago. 

Our Value investment philosophy is based on the belief that high-quality companies can increase in strength and value over time. The investment process consists of detailed, bottom-up research to find companies with durable, sustainable prospects such as barriers to entry, pricing power and demonstrated products and services. We seek companies with the fundamental characteristics of growth at below-premium prices. Our portfolios include companies with the potential to exceed "street" expectations yet trade at a discount to our in-house calculations. 


Chautauqua Capital Management, a division of Baird, specializes in managing international and global equity portfolios. The team is made up of industry veterans with an average of more than 20 years' experience.

Chautauqua’s structure and investment process are designed to generate superior risk-adjusted returns through stock selection skill. This approach emphasizes great, wealth-creating businesses that benefit from long-term trends, possess the sustainable competitive advantages to exploit those trends and can be purchased at reasonable valuations.

To capture the full benefit of stock selection skill, portfolios are invested for the long term, on a conviction-weighted basis, in a concentrated set of best-idea investments. Risks are managed through care in implementation – with an emphasis on quality, thoughtful diversification, awareness of relevant exogenous factors and the application of a forward-looking valuation discipline. We believe there is simply no better way to achieve long-term capital appreciation.

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Baird's Specialized Asset Management (SAM) team provides customized, comprehensive equity portfolios for high-net-worth investors.

Portfolios combine high-quality companies with complementary asset classes using mutual funds and exchange-traded funds. Our easy-to-understand solutions are customizable, tax-efficient and designed to weather tough markets.

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