• “Coming from Cristo Rey’s work study program, I already knew the soft skills needed to work in a professional environment. But working at Baird has allowed me to deepen my interest in economics and understand what a career in this field could look like.”
    -Adrian Mora, Marquette ‘23
  • “Baird is different – they saw potential in me and offered me the opportunity to expand my knowledge through an experience with the team.” - Andrew Rodriguez, UW-Madison ‘23
  • “As a Baird Advisors intern, I've had the opportunity to learn invaluable skills and lessons about the industry from mentors who have become my role models.” -Dina Sofair, Emory ‘23
  • “MKE Fellows and All-In taught me how to be equipped for the professional work environments, but my experience with Baird Advisors deeply enhanced my knowledge about finance as I learned about the different parts of the business." - Noah Cotton, UW-Madison ‘24
  • “Working with Baird Advisors has been integral for my professional development as a first-gen student. I was exposed to a variety of careers from an authentic and inviting team that made me excited to learn about the asset management business.”
    - Victoria Rios, Marquette ‘23

Baird Advisors continues to be intentional about adding talent that is diverse across skillsets, experience, and cultural backgrounds. This philosophy, coupled with leadership’s commitment to mentoring and developing next-gen talent, ensures continuity and consistency for clients from a growing, diverse team.

This summer, the Baird Advisors team was pleased to welcome their largest and most diverse intern cohort. College students ranging from rising sophomores to rising seniors are placed across teams in the asset management organization. Additionally, interns are given a summer-long research project that is presented to the leadership team. The overall goal of these projects is to improve the team’s performance and decision making, while seeking out innovative ways to serve clients.

We know that the firm and its associates are most successful when people with different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives work together toward common goals. We are incredibly proud of our interns, who continue to produce great outcomes for our clients and for fellow associates every day – they make us better.

Mary Ellen Stanek, Co-Chief Investment Officer of Baird Advisors

An open-door policy and a welcoming, supportive environment, including mentorship, education and real-life work, offer interns “a seat at the table” and have provided both long-term and short-term interns experience needed to solidify their interest in Baird and the broader asset management industry. Through face-to-face interactions and hands-on projects with managers and colleagues, interns receive a real world understanding of the business and its culture.

Jay Schwister, Baird Advisors Senior Portfolio Manager and Research Director, reflected on the impact of new perspectives and insights from next generation interns:

Our ability to deliver successful long-term results for clients starts with our people. The depth, breadth and sustainability of our team really starts with a strong intern program.

Jay Schwister, Baird Advisors Senior Portfolio Manager and Research Director

Purposeful Community Partnerships

In scanning the large talent pool of skilled students, Baird Advisors leadership intentionally narrows its search within programs offering opportunities for underrepresented groups and minorities, including All-In Milwaukee, MKE Fellows and Girls Who Invest. This effort exposes individuals to the financial services industry and, in turn, develops a more diverse pipeline, directly in line with the firm’s commitment to inclusion and diversity.

The Baird Advisors team emphasizes the importance of serving the youth in the community and building a pipeline for professional growth. As of today, 15% of Baird Advisors associates started in an intern role at Baird.

When looking back at my internship with the Baird Advisors team, there were three main things that stood out to me that made the internship great. First, the team is invested in their interns and gives them multiple opportunities to succeed. Second, interns are treated like full-time employees and are given engaging and important work. Finally, the leadership team is very transparent, and their doors are always open for a conversation.

George Wong, Investment Analyst